Allison HT 750 DRD Wet Housing Industrial Transmission

  • Horse Power Min:  275
  • Hp Horse Power Max:  525
  • Hp Input Speed Min:  1800 rpm
  • Input Speed Max:  2500 rpm
  • Gearing:  Mechanical
  • Gearing Gears Forward:  5 Gears Reverse:  1 Gears Reverse Optional:  (optional)
  • Oil Type:  C-4, 15W40 Oil Quantity:  7 gallons
  • Mounting:  SAE No. 1 Automatic Flywheel Housing SAE No. 1 Automatic Flywheel Housing with Flexplate Drive Remote Mount Flange Applications Available Multiple Applications Available
  • Dry Weight Min:  1100 lbs Dry Weight Max:  1350 lbs
  • Torque Converter Ratio:  TC-499 TC-498 TC-497 TC-495 TC-490 TC-470
  • Control System:  Manual Hydraulic Optional Engine Driven PTO:  Side Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous) Top Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous) PTO Positions and Provisions Determined Upon Model
  • Cooler System:  Remote Mounted Cooler Element
    The Allison HT 750  Transmission WITH DEEP REDUCTION DRIVE (DRD) is a versatile piece of equipment offering both automatic hydraulic 5 speed fwd and 1 reverse as well as an manual hydraulic power shift system allowing you to shift gears on demand. This transmission is purpose built with Dual Mode application for road and work mode (specifically in oil and gas applications where safety requires the automatic over the road and power shift is reserved for working over a well where shifting in between gears on demand is required). These units are built out of high grade aluminum main housings, and utilize the Allison 400 series converter providing a range of stall to torque ratios. The most importantly sought after feature on this transmission is the Deep Reduction Drive (what does DRD stand for, Deep Reduction Drive). See the attached spec sheet on this transmission to identify features and specifications. The Wet model listed indicates that this transmission can run PTO’s off of the converter housing. Not all transmissions have this feature. HT 750 DRD are a staple point in the oil and gas industry for well service pumps, mud pumps, workover rigs, pulling units. Copeland can offer this transmission series in fully remanufactured or rebuilt condition which is equal quality you’d expect from the factory. We can provide; outright, exchange in addition to repair and return service.