CLT 5860 Allison Transmission

  • Horse Power Min: 325 Hp
    Horse Power Max: 525 Hp
    Input Speed Min: 1800 rpm
    Input Speed Max: 2500 rpm
    Gearing: Mechanical Gearing
    Gears Forward: 6
    Gears Reverse: 1
    Gears Reverse Optional: (optional)
    Oil Type: C-4, 15W40
    Oil Quantity: 18 gallons
    Mounting:  SAE No. 1 Automatic Flywheel Housing SAE No. 1 Automatic Flywheel Housing with Flexplate Drive Remote Mount Flange Applications Available Multiple Applications Available
    Dry Weight Min: 2200 lbs
    Dry Weight Max: 2800 lbs
    Torque Converter Ratio: TC-680 TC-580 TC-570
    Control System: Manual Electronic Manual Hydraulic
  • Optional Engine Driven PTO: Side Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous) Top Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous) PTO Positions and Provisions Determined Upon Model
    Cooler System:  Remote Mounted Cooler Element
    The Allison CLT 5860 is a brute workhorse offering all the same gear ratios and features of the 6061 but with less horse power capabilities. With that said this is no slouch transmission. The CLT 5860 is a popular choice for Drilling, Workover, Well Service Pumps, Mud Pumps, Fracturing, Well Stimulation and pumping. Offering the same valve body options with lockup and direct, and remote filters. 6 speed manual electric, 6 speed manual hydraulic. S&W Power Systems can offer you a fully remanufactured rebuilt Allison CLT 5860 whether you are wanting a -4, -5, -2, -3, -6 S&W has them all and only offers a Fully Dyno tested guaranteed transmission ready to work for years to come.