CLT 6061 Allison Transmission

  • Horse Power Min:  525
  • Hp Horse Power Max:  700
  • Hp Input Speed Min:  1800 rpm
  • Input Speed Max:  2500 rpm
  • Gearing:  Mechanical Gearing
  • Gears Forward:  6 Gears Reverse:  1 Gears Reverse Optional:  (optional)
  • Oil Type:  C-4, 15W40 Oil Quantity:  18 gallons
  • Mounting:  SAE No. 1 Automatic Flywheel Housing SAE No. 1 Automatic Flywheel Housing with Flexplate Drive
  • Dry Weight Min:  2200 lbs Dry Weight Max:  3050 lbs
  • Torque Converter Ratio:  TC-683 TC-682 TC-680
  • Control System:  Manual Electronic Manual Hydraulic
  • Optional Engine Driven PTO:  Side Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous) Top Mount PTO (Intermittent or Continuous) PTO Positions and Provisions Determined Upon Model
  • Cooler System:  Remote Mounted Cooler Element

The Allison CLT6061 or CLT6061-4 also referred to as CLT6061  is a powerful transmission offering a large amount of input horse power and torque in a compact design with lockup (1 to 1 direct drive as opposed to using the converter), multiple torque converter ratios, 6 speed forward through a manual electric hydraulic both 12 volt and 24 volt control, in addition the most popular 6 speed manual hydraulic valve body providing ultimate control of the power behind the CLT 6061. Some applications run over 700HP with performance enhancements. S&W Power Systemsa can supply manufacturers, suppliers or re-seller’s, forwarding companies, procurement companies and most important end users here in the United States, and locations WorldWide. All Transmissions are fully remanufactured Rebuilt and Dyno tested for 4-6 hours. This transmission is a staple in the oil and gas industry for high pressure and high volume pumps, mud pumps, drilling and workover support including; pump down, twin pumpers, high pressure pumping and well stimulation, coil tubing applications and nitrogen.