Pioneer SC1212S17 Standard Centrifugal Pump 12x12x17.25 End Suction

  • SC1212S17

    SC Series – End Suction Standard Centrifugal Pump

    Pump Size 12 x 12 inches 300 x 300 mm
    Max Flow 9,500 USgpm 2190 m³/h
    Max Head 325 feet 100 metres
    Solids Size 3.75 inches 90 mm

    Bare shaft, frame mounted, heavy duty, solids handling pump


    Notes: Product Specs have been entered, but they aren’t rounded and are frequently somewhat questionable. (due to specs being hard to find for specific configurations) Depending on backend proliferation (how much information is associated along with the Pump), this job could range from about the same amount of work as the Pumps to much faster.

    Large Solids Handling Application flexibility
    High efficiency design Lower fuel costs


    Dirty water Raw water pumps Sewage bypass Flood pumps Silt returns Mine dewatering Cooling pumps
    12″ [300] CLASS 150 SUCTION FLANGE

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