Generator Sets

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*2* XQ-225 Power Module P/B 3306B DITA Caterpillar w/ 225kW CAT SR4B Gen Set Package
Arrow VRG 330 45KW Natural Gas Generator Set
ARROW VRG 330 G 40KW Natural Gas Generator Set ** SOLD** Contact us for others.
Arrow VRG-330 G 60KW Natural Gas Generator Set **SOLD** Contact us for others.
Caterpillar 3306TA 135kW Generator Set
Caterpillar 3456 (C-18) Diesel Industrial Power Unit Package w/ Radiator and Skid coupled with 455kW CAT SR4 brush-less, synchronous AC Gen Set skid w/ Fuel Tank
Caterpillar C-9 DITA AAAC Industrial Diesel 220kW Generator Set
Caterpillar C15 350kW Industrial Diesel Generator Set
Caterpillar CG137-12 3412 PG 400kW Field Gas Generator Set
Caterpillar D3304B DIT Diesel Generator Set **SOLD** Contact us for others.
Caterpillar D3306B DITA Generator Set
Caterpillar D3406 TA 320KW Diesel Generator Set
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