Caterpillar G3306TA 135kW Generator Set

S/N : R6S01272

A/N 329-9619

P/S 349-6490

COMP. RATIO: 8.5:1

HOURS: 04,293


* Auto Start Up Controls

* 24VDC Electric starter

* 24VDC Alternator

* 2-4D Batteries, Steel Battery Box & Cables

* Woodward Electronic Governor Control

* CAT CPU-95 Digital Ignition system

* Impco carburetor

* Fisher gas pressure ounce regulator

* Engine instrument panel (Oil Press, Water Temp, Amps, ect.)

* Cat standard safety shutdowns with E-Stop

* Fuel Shut-off Solenoid

* Garrett waste gate

* Dry type air cleaner assm. with weather bonnet & service indicator

* Radiator cooled w/ oversized high ambient size 20’ sq. ft. split-core radiator assm.  P/N 205-6560

* 46” Pusher / Blower type engine driven fan.

* Coolant level sensor

* Full flow high capacity oil pans

* Oil level regulator

* Kenco Oil Reservoir w/ sight glass

* DeepSea Electronics digital generator control panel with fault indicator lights (Volts, Cycles, Amps, ec.)

* DeepSea Electronics digital engine instrument panel with fault indicator lights (Temp, Oil press, RPM, ec.)

* Control Panel Dust Cover

* Electrically Operated 400-Amp master circuit breaker with shunt trip

* Propane Fuel Kit with Vaporizers and Heat Exchanger with Automated fuel timing switch

* Heat Traced Gas Train

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* Peco Facet Well Head Gas Fuel Scrubber with Auto Dump System & Sight Glass

* Exhaust L outlet with flexible joint coupling

* EMIT 3-Way NSCR Catalyst & Silencer Combination

* Particulate Filter

* EMIT Edge Air / Fuel ratio controller

* CAT Service Manual w/ Plastic Side mount enclosure

* Foot mounted on heavy duty rigid engine/generator master skid with  full containment drip pan

* Mounted on a heavy duty tandem axle trailer with weather protective canopy, oil reservoir & lockable parts box.

* Dimensions:  17’ L x 7’ 8” W x 8’ H + 30” For NSCR / Muffler Combo Exhaust System w/ Silencer

* Weight:  10,000 lbs.

* We perform a complete load bank-test under a full load for (4) hours which customer or his representative is welcome to witness at our Oklahoma City facility.

Catalyst: Yes
Parallel: No
Skid Type: Enclosed
Trailer Type: GN

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